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Defining a New Chapter of Smart Home with 8K + AI + HomeBus

[Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 13th ] Defining a New Chapter of Smart Home with AI + 8K + HomeBus, the new immerse video experience era is coming.

IBC2019 – At the world’s leading media, entertainment and technology show, HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd., a world-leading fabless IC Semiconductor Company, will be demonstrating an industry first “AI + 8K + HomeBus” solution, from 13th - 17th September, 2019 in Hall 2 A49, RAI, Amsterdam.

At the IBC2019 summit,Veni Shone, CEO of HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Limited, delivered a keynote speech entitled ”Defining a new chapter of Smart Home with AI + 8K + HomeBus".

"Working towards an all-intelligent world, human society is gradually entering into an era of All Things Perceptive, All Things Connected and All Things Intelligent. In this increasingly intelligent society, people continue to face Smart Home challenges including Non-Unified Standards, Unsatisfactory Connectivity, and an Absence of, or Limited AI. To resolve these challenges, HiSilicon has been discussing these issues with its industry partners, and is calling for a unified communications standard for the Smart Home industry and ecosystem with an assured level of quality of experience," Veni Shone said, “because in this increasingly intelligent society, Smart Home challenges need to be fully addressed based on unified standards, full connectivity and AI capabilities.”

As one of the suppliers of the ecosystem, HiSilicon provides end-to-end chip solutions and platforms to address this diverse set of customer requirements. “We propose that there should be three basic capabilities of the Smart Home, including Connectivity, Interaction and AI,” Veni Shone said.

AI, full connectivity and natural interactions empower the value services of the Smart Home.” “HiSilicon has released three solutions to address the issues of improving the Smart Home experience, the first of these being the Hi3796CV300 smart home center platform,” Veni Shone said. With this initial offering, HiSilicon has released the industry's first HomeBus Solution to resolve high-speed and high-reliability connectivity problems throughout the home.

This framework for Connectivity in the Smart Home is composed of industry-leading 5G, 10GPON, G.hn, and Wi-Fi 6 solutions. As communication speeds increase up to 1Gbps, latency can be reduced to less than 100ms. As a result, the HomeBus solution ensures both high bandwidth & low latency anywhere in the home.

For the second solution, HiSilicon has released the industry's first 8K@120fps Ultra-HD Video and Voice Platform, with HEVE or AVS3 video decoding, to provide the ultimate visual experience.

For example, 8K@120fps can capture every single detail, and 4*4K@120fps can show you high quality picture in picture for multiple views or camera angles. AI PQ/Super Resolution can also provide a "See what was never previously possible to view" experience.

With the third solution, HiSilicon has released a Full-Stack and Full-scenario AI Portfolio, with high computing power from 20MPOS to 20TOPS, but with low power consumption, to support Smart Home appliances.

“Our products and solutions can create the ultimate audio-visual experience,” Veni Shone said. “The Hi3796CV300 is the world’s 1st Smart Home product to support 8K@120fps HEVC, AVS3 video decoding, 4TOPS NPU and 4K UI capabilities. It brings more natural and smooth interactions to every home and AI can also enhance the experience of the smart home across many use cases too”

“Finally, we would like to call on the industry to cooperate more openly and work together to promote a better development environment for the Smart Home ecosystem, to achieve interconnectivity, an assured quality of experience, and AI in all scenarios under unified standards. All of this can accelerate the adoption of a new chapter in the Smart Home evolution” Veni Shone said.

Steeve Huin, the Vice President of Business Development, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, from Irdeto the presented on the topic of "8K UHD Future & Security Requirements",.

"In a similar way to 4K, we estimate that 8K UHD will take approximately five years to fully develop its end to end ecosystem and services. Irdeto is well placed to provide the required security, the full range of business models and services to protect and optimize the long term operational business Investment in UHD," Steeve said.

Sunny Niu, the Deputy Secretary-General of AVS Industrial Alliance, then made a keynote speech discussing "AVS3 New Codec Standard for 8K".

"There are multiple choices for UHD video coding standards, and for 8k, you have a new choice – AVS3, the advantage being both high performance and a better licensing policy," Sunny Niu said. "For more AVS info please visit the AVS Working Group http://www.avs.org.cn."

Finally,Marvin He, GM of Video Product Line, delivered a keynote speech on "5G + Cloud Enabling Media Transformation".

"Media Cloud Edge helps move applications to the Cloud, and enables a Telco cloud VR service launch," said Mr. Marvin, from Huawei. "Media Cloud Edge ecosystem will help accelerate the Implementation of Cloud X Business too."

IBC is held in RAI Exhibition Center, Amsterdan from Spetember 13 to 17, 2019.

For more information about HiSilicon's, please visit: http://www.mmocity.com/